March 2004 Incoming Board Announced
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2004 Executive Slate Announced

Welcome New Directors

March 2004 

At the Annual General Meeting, Jack Lee (B.F.Lorenzetti & Associates (Ontario ) Inc.), Chairman of the Nominations Committee announced the nomination of the following new TIC Directors

bullet Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., Cedric Gyles
bullet B.F.Lorenzetti & Associates (Ontario ) Inc., Brian Wilcox
bullet Hargraft Schofield Limited, Lorie Phair
bullet KRG Insurance Group, Paul Martin 
bullet Moore McLean Corporate Insurance Limited, Rick Messier 

and the election of the following Officers:

bullet Jones DesLauriers & Firman Insurance Brokers Ltd., Robert Jones - TIC President
bullet Marsh Canada Limited, Shardie Stevenson - TIC Past President
bullet Hunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty Limited, Brooke Hunter - TIC Vice President
bullet Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson Ltd., Brenda Rose - TIC Treasurer

TIC values the continued service of:

bullet Hugh Wood Canada Ltd, Justin MacGregor

and acknowledges with thanks the service provided by the following individuals.  Their commitment made a tangible difference and we look forward to their continued involvement in the Toronto Insurance Conference:

bullet Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., Patrick Doig
bullet Elliott Special Risks Ltd., Cathy Lanktree 
bullet Martin Merry & Reid Limited, David A. Browne
bullet Morris & Mackenzie Inc., Peter McCann 






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