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Available through the:

Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario - Lucy Arkell [email protected] (416) 488-7422

(broker licensing information available through RIBO -  Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario)


Fundamentals of Insurance
This course is used as a licensing course in eight provinces. Its content is kept current to reflect changes in the industry. The course is completed with the licensing examination.

Fundamentals of Service
This introductory customer service program covers the essentials to provide value-added service to the client. In the four modules, the format is tailor-made for self study students to learn at their own pace. The course is augmented by videos. No examination is required but a certificate of completion is provided.

Introduction to Risk Management
Designed to provide basic level training in Risk Management procedures applicable to personal lines or small commercial lines brokers, one written examination is necessary to obtain a certificate of completion for this course.

Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB)
To obtain this designation the member must be in good standing and have passed a national examination following each of its four courses. Course material is constantly revised to keep it up-to-date.

Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB)
This is the highest designation awarded by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada. Three examinations are required based on the candidates working knowledge. There is no formal course of study.

Prerequisites are that the candidate must have 5 consecutive years' experience.

The CPIB Program 

(as outlined by The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada)

The Canadian Professional Insurance Broker (CPIB) is the new senior designation program developed by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada and the provincial/regional Member Associations. It is specifically designed for property and casualty insurance brokers: a new challenge for professional excellence, positioned at a university level of study.
Admission prerequisites are either CAIB or AIIC/CIP designations, or waived for CCIB graduates.

Designated for the property and casualty marketplace, the CCIB program has three distinct streams: Personal Lines, Commercial Lines and Broker Management. Within each stream, three broker-specific mandatory courses and three elective courses must be completed to earn the designation.

To earn the CPIB designation, students must complete the mandatory courses and any three of the elective courses in that stream. The program's courses may also be taken individually for general interest of Continuing Education credits. Graduates' use of the CPIB designation, as with the IBAC designations, will be restricted to licensed property and casualty insurance brokers who are members or associate members of their provincial/regional brokers' association. Non-members are welcome to take the CPIB program; upon graduation, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.

CPIB's mandatory courses will be available through IBAC's provincial/regional Member Associations, and may betaken in discussion group or distance learning formats.

Elective courses can be taken through a university or college of the student's choosing (classroom study or distance learning options). Students then apply to their local brokers' association for a transfer credit for an elective course successfully completed. Similarly, students may apply to their local brokers' association for a transfer credit for an elective course taken at a recognized university or community college prior to enrolling in the CPIB program. An equivalencies chart of courses recognized as CPIB electives is available through local brokers' associations.

More information is available on the CPIB Web site.


Best Practices Companion Program

"This program helped us understand where we wanted our brokerage to be and how to get there. By applying the practices we have increased our average commission by 1% in less than a year…well worth the investment in time, effort and money"

Kevin Donovan, AIIC, CCIB -President, Donovan Insurance Brokers

Today’s insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Brokerages can no longer take profitability growth for granted. Change with the times! Adopt new strategies to compete in the future. Ask yourself, as a brokerage owner/manager, do you want your brokerage to just "get by" or do you want your brokerage to thrive and prosper in the years ahead?

The Best Practices Companion Program is a five-part program that provides brokerage owners and managers with new approaches to doing business that can significantly improve performance.

We’ve heard about benchmarking, strategic planning and marketing plans. We know they are essential to all businesses, regardless of size. The question is, how do they apply to my brokerage and where do I begin?

The Best Practices Companion Program will provide the answers.

Learn the practices of leading brokerages in North America and adapt them to suit your brokerage, large or small. This hands-on course allows you to develop action plans, strategic plans and marketing strategies during the seminars. Acquire the resources to put these tools into practice in your own brokerage.

Contact IBAO for further information on this timely management course for streamlining brokerage operations at 1-800-268-8845 or 416-488-7422.

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